We research, think and design.
Our creative process is always made up of these three stages, in order to provide the client with the best result. In addition, we are constantly training in new tools and working methods.


We are experts in the creation and development of new brands. We believe that naming, logo, image and institutional communication are fundamental parts in the development and growth of a business or company. At 5070, we are dedicated to creating impactful and recognisable brands that create a sense of belonging.


We have more than 20 years of experience in graphic production, adaptations to different formats and supports, gigantographies, materials for events and preparation of final artwork for printing. Speed and efficiency are two characteristics that make 5070 an ultradynamic studio.


At 5070, we combine design, communication, functionality and technology to develop the digital graphic elements for the growth of a business on the Internet, social networks or email campaigns.


Every project has its particularity and complexity.
We work tirelessly to make each one unique and unrepeatable.

  • Motorola
  • Quadminds
  • Kodak Argentina
  • Cambium Networks
  • iPoint
  • Neso
  • Acción Contra el Hambre España
  • BeOne
  • Heim
  • Africa Beauty Forum
  • Vegui
  • Novatech
  • eNova
  • RapiStand
  • iQual
  • Huawei


5070 is a multidisciplinary design and communication studio. We interpret the needs of our clients and commit to each project to create tailor-made design solutions.

5070 ultracreativos

Design and working times.

We know that time is very important. That is why we believe that speed in identifying and resolving problems is fundamental. This is our daily goal, to offer a better service thinking about the needs and urgencies of our customers.

For this reason, we have become specialists in retail, sales, telecommunications and product development clients.

We are ultracreativos, we are ultradynamics.


Good ideas know no borders.

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